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Would you like to more happily and peacefully resolve those decisions and confront those conflicts on life’s Labyrinth Path? To heal yourself physically, and psychologically– and spiritually, to relate more clearly to whatever higher power you believe in? Then this book of art and poetry can inspire you to “Find yourself in a Labyrinth.” While you can “Lose yourself in a Maze,” with its many paths, false starts and dead ends, labyrinths have a single, meandering path to the center and back. Many people find that labyrinth walking meditation slows the breathing, focuses the mind and induces a peace state of being. You are invited to follow the Labyrinth Path through the Darkness to the Light or (Enlightenment) of the Peace Within that leads to the Peace among people, animals, nature and the universe. Welcome to the Labyrinth Renaissance—the rediscovery of this ancient design that relates to peoples of all ages, cultures, and beliefs.

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on June 14, 2017


Companion Video: Interview with Sandra-Wasko Flood

This video interview offers a meaningful and ever-deepening dialogue between two artists. Recorded at her home in Angel- Fire, in this DVD you will view poet and visual artist, Sandra Wasko-Flood as interviewed by poet Elizabeth Martina Bishop.

As President and founder of Living Labyrinths for Peace since 2005, Sandra Wasko-Flood has spent many productive years in a lifetime of walking the labyrinth and educating young and old alike. Sandra has conducted over thirty workshops in Washington, DC, as well as many additional residencies and workshops in schools in Taos at the elementary, middle and high school levels. In the hour long DVD you will savor the aesthetic delights and fascinating contributions of Sandra the artist, Sandra the poet, as well as Sandra the founder of Living Labyrinths for Peace, Inc.