What Is a Labyrinth?

Unlike mazes, which have many confusing paths, a Labyrinth generally has only one path that leads to the center and back out again. Many people find that the single meandering path slows the breathing, focuses the mind, and induces a peaceful state of being. Labyrinths help people physically – to alleviate such diseases as autism, dyslexia, Parkinson’s or high blood pressure; psychologically – to resolve conflicts or make decisions; and spiritually – to connect to a power greater than themselves.

Over 4000 years old and found world-wide, today labyrinths are having a renaissance. They are found in churches and hospitals, schools and prisons, parks and recreation centers, and back yards — even the back yard of the U.S. Capitol, where Sandra Wasko-Flood, in the year 2000, directed the Labyrinth Society’s first project: a labyrinth walking demonstration for inner peace on the East Lawn of our nation’s Capitol Hill.

For more information on exciting labyrinth educational programs, you are invited to view Sandra’s art and LL4P websites:  www.waskoart.com and  www.livinglabyrinthsforpeace.org. Living Labyrinths For Peace is a national organization whose mission is to inspire healing and transformation within and among people through labyrinth building and education in schools and the community.

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