Spiral Journey, Darkness and Light

Spiral Way: Earth to Universe

Thank you for the Spiral Way,

That I found one day,

Sitting in that stillness,

At the Ceremonial Center,

Of the Great Kiva in Chaco

Canyon, New Mexico.

Dancing figures of all cultures,

Emerged from “Under Earth,”

Climbing a Fiery Spiral of Birth,

To the soft sands “On Earth.”

And in their native costumes,

They joined together,

To do a Labyrinth Dance

On the kiva floor.

And so the spiral became one

Path to the center and back,

That balanced their minds and hearts,

Their bodies and spirits.

Fear became joy,

The darkness, the light,

And the dancers ascended

“Above Earth,”

On that Starry Spiral Way,

From Earth to Universe.

-From the book by Sandra Wasko-Flood